About Us

Women in Engineering

The shortage of engineers is a global issue. The lack of women engineers has been of concern with women being grossly underrepresented at 11% of the engineering workforce. It is an opportunity to create gender parity and help our clients to create a diverse engineering workforce to meet current and future challenges.  Women in Engineering society is an authentic values-driven organisation for women in engineering by predominantly women engineers who have developed programmes to address the issues facing women in the engineering sector from school level all the way through to industry. Being a dynamic organisation, it has been able to meet the changing demands and needs of the global engineering industry through effective lobbying, advocacy, capacity building and engagement of the sector.

We are a financially transparent organisation, with a strong board of directors. It’s unique model ensures lasting impact created by passionate and committed people. We are working globally now to improve the access and quality of the engineering and tech skills pipeline while ensuring that women are not just beneficiaries but owners of the engineering industry.



To grow and impact the lives of women and girls through engineering and technology around the world.

Inspiring and supporting girls and women to achieve their potential as engineers, applied scientists and technical leaders.

To work collaboratively to assist educators, employers and influencers in creating a diverse engineering community.

Attract, develop and retain the pipeline of women engineering leaders globally through a series of robust programming & interventions at every stage of the pipeline.